OMEGA 3 plus

PZN 16804048
Folding carton with 120 soft gel capsules

Dietary supplement with Omega-3 concentrate from sea fish oils plus vitamin E.

Pro Kapsel 100 mg EPA + 500 mg DHA – EPA + DHA*: Für eine normale Herzfunktion – DHA*: Zum Erhalt der Sehkraft und der Gehirnfunktion

Omega-3 Fette mit EPA (Eicosapentaensäure) und DHA (Docosahexaensäure) sind essenzielle, mehrfach ungesättigte Fettsäuren, die der Körper nicht selbst bilden kann. Sie sind in fettreichen Fischarten enthalten, wie zum Beispiel in Sardellen, Sardinen und Makrelen. Die Fettsäuren DHA und EPA unterstützen je nach Dosierung eine normale Herzfunktion, eine gesunde Gehirnfunktion und die Sehkraft.

Avitale OMEGA 3 PLUS Kapseln aus hochwertigem Seefischöl-Konzentrat mit mindestens 70 % Omega-3-Fettsäuren wurden mit dem natürlichen, fettlöslichen Vitamin E kombiniert, das zusätzlich einen Beitrag zum Schutz der Zellen vor oxidativem Stress leistet.

High quality and purity

Only highly pure, natural fish oil concentrate with the pharmaceutical quality of the globally leading Norwegian manufacturer EPAX® is used to make the Avitale OMEGA-3 PLUS capsules. The oil is obtained from sea fish rich in fat with high ecological standards. All fish are caught sustainably.

They are checked according to strict Norwegian guidelines

To remove any environmental pollutants, the high-quality raw oil is first processed and then purified. It undergoes molecular distillation to concentrate the fatty acids. The result is a high-quality, ultra-pure oil with optimum compatibility.

EPAX© is a registered trademark
of Epax Norway AS


Product safety and high-quality raw materials are our top priority. We want to serve our customers as a reliable and responsible partner. Experts regularly conduct detailed studies to ensure that the excellent standard of our product range remains constant. To maintain this high, consistent standard, we – among other things – manufacture our dietary supplement with a certified pharmaceutical company in Germany.

Take one to five capsules daily with a main meal. Do not chew and take with plenty of water. The capsules are highly compatible and have a neutral flavour.

One capsule daily

The Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA help to ensure normal heart function with an intake of 250 mg EPA* and DHA* per day. 250 mg DHA* daily also helps to maintain normal brain function and normal vision.

Four capsules daily

Daily consumption of 2000 mg DHA in combination with EPA helps to maintain a normal blood triglyceride level.

Five capsules daily

Daily intake of 3000 mg DHA and EPA helps to maintain normal blood pressure.

Concentrate containing Omega-3 Fatty Acids obtained from Sea Fish Oils (EPAX®), Capsule Shell: Gelatin (Bovine); Humectant: Glycerin; D-Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

1 capsule

1000 mg Omega-3 fish oil concentrate
700 mg Omega-3 fatty acids
of which 100 mg EPA
of which 500 mg DHA
5 mg Vitamin E (41,6% NRV*)

4 capsules

4000 mg Omega-3 fish oil concentrate
2800 mg Omega-3 fatty acids
of which 400 mg EPA
of which 2000 mg DHA
20 mg Vitamin E (166,4% NRV*)

5 capsules

5000 mg Omega-3 fish oil concentrate
3500 mg Omega-3 fatty acids
of which 500 mg EPA
of which 2500 mg DHA
25 mg Vitamin E (208% NRV*)

NRV* = % of the nutrient reference value in accordance with the EU Regulation on Food Information to Consumers

The daily intake of EPA and DHA from fortified foods and dietary supplements should not exceed 5 g per day. Anyone taking blood-pressure or blood-thinning medication should consult their physician before also taking Avitale OMEGA 3 PLUS. Please seek medical advice prior to consumption if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Not intended for consumption by children and young people.

Owing to the Health Claims Regulation EU No. 1924/2006, we are not permitted to advertise the effects of our food products or dietary supplements. We therefore ask for your understanding that our customer service team are only able to answer any related questions to a limited degree. For detailed, health-related questions, in particular with regard to taking our products in conjunction with any medication, please consult your physician or pharmacist. In accordance with the applicable laws, these experts are permitted to provide you with healthcare-related and medical advice. We thank you for your understanding!

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. The daily recommended intake must not be exceeded. Please store out of reach of children.