About us


Natural products for health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Avitale GmbH is a company specialising in healthcare-related and pharmaceutical products. Founded in 1992 in Quickborn (near Hamburg) and carefully expanded since, our company enjoys the trust of hundreds of retail partners in the healthcare market in Germany and Austria. This success story is the result of a consistent approach: customer-focused product development with an unerring instinct for people’s needs and top quality at the best price!

Based in Ellerau near Hamburg since 2017

We are continuing to grow. Our new company headquarters in Ellerau was officially inaugurated on 08.12.2017 after a brief construction period. We are very pleased about this, as large offices and functional new factory halls and warehouses now enable us and our team to work calmly and effectively. Since moving to our new headquarters, we have been successfully employing many new members of staff. In 2020 we could inaugurate our warehouse extension with more than 550 additional pallet spaces.


Product safety and high-quality raw materials are our top priority. We want to serve our customers as a reliable and responsible partner. Experts regularly conduct detailed studies to ensure that the excellent standard of our product range remains constant. To maintain this high, consistent standard, we – among other things – manufacture our dietary supplement with a certified pharmaceutical company in Germany.

Reliable – Transparent – Trustworthy

Our long-standing, close collaborations with medical specialists in many fields have paid off: Avitale products are recommended by doctors throughout Germany. In Austria too, the number of collaborations with doctors is growing constantly, so that the majority of our dietary supplement range is now exclusively stocked in Austrian pharmacies.


In the area of dietary supplements, the company works closely with specialised laboratories and pharmacies, which test every product in terms of its composition, nutritional value, efficacy and requirements. Only when all the conditions have been bet are the products ready for market launch and released for sale. Our products use only the best, tried-and-tested ingredients. Avitale’s dietary supplements and product packaging meet all the current legal requirements. Avitale dietary supplement capsules are produced by a German certified pharmaceutical manufacturer in Germany.

Every ingredient is of high purity, and we use only homogeneous, pharmaceutical-grade raw materials to manufacture our products.


Our bodycare products and balms are made exclusively with ingredients that meet the German Pharmaceuticals Regulation, so far as these are available. The exceptional quality of our creams and balms is primarily the result of high quantities of natural medicinal plant extracts such as aloe vera, witch hazel and marigold. These products undergo months of testing in special laboratories. Only when everything is perfected are the products ready for market launch and released for sale. Every Avitale skincare product has been dermatologically tested, is made in Germany according to our own formulas and produced by a pharmaceutical manufacturer (medical products for external use – balms, creams, gels).

Social commitment and sponsoring

Since 2018, we are the proud sponsor of the Kindness for Kids Foundation, which since 2003 has been working on behalf of children with rare diseases.

Along with funding research, the foundation is dedicated to actively supporting the worst-affected children and their families in the form of holidays combined with therapy. All of the foundation’s administrative costs are paid for separately, so that 100% of the donations it receives directly benefit patients and projects.

Additional information about the foundation’s mission and projects can be found on the website www.kindness-for-kids.de

Since 2004, Avitale has been the official sponsor of the German junior paralympic alpine ski team. The aim of this support is to use sport as a means to provide young disabled people with a new outlook, and raise awareness among the public as to the value of paralympic alpine sport.

On the official homepage of the German junior paralympic alpine ski team, you can find all the information about the incredible performance and boundless commitment of these physically disabled skiers. During competitions in particular, it becomes apparent just how passionate every athlete is about mastering the great challenges this sport poses in terms of physical and mental fitness.

You will also find all the other relevant information, from competition dates and news through to profiles of the team members.